The Hostess Affect

In elementary school I lived for Ding Dongs.

They were a rare treat and I would carefully unwrap the silver foil and savor every waxy chocolate-like morsel. I was in heaven.

Fast forward to the announcement that Ding Dongs would soon be gone forever. Like most Children of the 70’s I immediately raced out to pick up one last bite of a bygone childhood…and discovered that Ding Dongs are disgusting. Simply inedible- they are chemicals masquerading as a snack food. Yuck.

There are many opinions on just what led to the demise of Hostess Brands. My friend, Marc Davidson of 1000 Watt Consulting, pointed out this article in the New Yorker.  It’s worth a read, but the point of reading it would be to get to this paragraph right here:

“The company has been steadily losing money, and market share, for years. And it’s core problem has not been excessively high compensation costs or pension contributions. It’s core problem has been that the market for it’s products changed, but it did not. Twinkies and Ding Dongs obviously aren’t anyone’s idea of the perfect twenty-first-century snack food. More important, the theoretical flagship of Hostess’s product line, Wonder Bread, has gone from being a key part of the archetypical American diet to a tired also-ran.”

I got to wondering- are Realtors suffering from the Hostess Affect?

The process of buying and selling a home has changed dramatically with the internet age. Consumers can find and view all of the homes for sale online. They can research recent sales and public tax records.

Huge internet retailers have raised the consumer’s expectations on items like convenience and the level of information required before a decision is made, while email, texting and eSignatures have changed the expectations on the pace of a negotiation and deal resolution.

The Real Estate Consumer has changed…

have Realtors evolved to serve this new customer?

The unevolved Realtor still thinks they should be paid to provide listing data, open doors and deliver contracts to the seller.

The evolved Realtor knows they must be an involved counselor who positions their client to win.

The un-evolved Realtor expects the consumer to conform to their set ways of processing paper and signatures.

The evolved Realtor will conform to the client- seeking the easiest way possible on a case by case basis.

The un-evolved Realtor expects a client to make decisions based on sales pressure and scarcity.

The evolved Realtor provides perspective and knowledge to a vast amount of data- helping the client to make an informed decision based on facts.

As an evolved Realtor I am always implementing ways to keep current with my customer. I will never let the Hostess Affect set in. It is hard work, but it is better than waking up one day to find out that my business is like a Ding Dong – irrelevant and disgusting.

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