3 “Do Nots” When Interviewing a Realtor

Today I had the total pleasure of interviewing for a potential listing in Northwest Glendale that made my heart swoon.  Seriously.  This house is divine and the owners have kept it in immaculate condition.

(Boy, oh boy, I hope they choose me!)

Anyway, the homeowner was slightly verklempt about how her house showed at that moment – wondering out loud if I could “see past” the untidiness of her home.  (oh, man.  She’s never coming to my home ;-))  This is a pretty common worry on listing appointments.

So, I got to thinking – what should you do to prepare for a Realtor interview? I’ve seen everything from a dirty stinking mess to a pristine and immaculate showplace.  We Realtors are human – I’d be lying if I told you this stuff doesn’t affect our sense of the home’s value.

In general you should just prepare as if any guests were arriving at your home.  Put away recent “piles”, put the dirty dishes and laundry away, make the beds, maybe sweep the front porch.  Not a big deal, but it helps.

The bigger deal is in the things you should NOT do before meeting me.  Don’t handle the:

  • Chronic kid/family and work mess.
    • I need to know this is an issue and I can counsel you on your options.
  • Symptoms of a possible problem
    • Don’t cover up a bad stain or mask a bad odor!  Again, I can help.
  • “Honey Do” list
    • I can’t tell you how many times a nagging “defect” in the eyes of the homeowner is a non issue to the buying public.  Tell me about the “problem” and I’ll tell you if you need to do anything.  Don’t stress yourself out by trying to get to it before you get to me!

I hope this helps.  I hope this helps so much that you call me.  Inventory is way down and I need some beautiful homes to sell 😀

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