3 Pricing Strategies to Sell Your Home

Today’s real estate market is perilous and unforgiving.  I know I will sound like I am using scare tactics, but someone needs to tell y’all the truth.

Did you know that only 3.5 homes out every ten on the MLS will actually sell?  And, of those that do enter into escrow, nearly one quarter will fall out instead of close.  Furthermore, homes that reduce their price during the marketing period will sell for less than homes that get the price right in the beginning and take far longer to sell.

Selling a home today takes knowledge, experience and a strategy.

Today we will talk about pricing strategy and how it affects the home owner.  We will cover conventional pricing, fair market pricing and event price strategies.  Each has its tactical uses and will give a homeowner different experiences.

3 Price Strategies To Sell Your Home

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