Getting Your Glendale Home Sold for the Highest Price Possible

Darlin’s,  we all want to get more money?  Right?  I will lay it out for you, straight and simple. Follow this advice and you will make more money.

There is a very simple formula for getting your Glendale home sold at the highest price possible, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of problems….

1. Pick an experienced and qualified Glendale agent.

2. Do a home inspection report up front and/ or any other inspection that is recommended. This is not normally done in our local Glendale real estate market, however,  it is common practice in other areas around the country. It is a great idea. Full disclosure is always the best long term policy when it comes to getting your Glendale home sold.

3. Take care of all suggested repairs and maintenance.

4. Follow any staging tips offered by your agent or a professional stager.

5. Price your home at fair market value or slightly below.

6.  Let the entire agent community know about your home (this is the agent’s responsibility). Almost every buyer here, in our Glendale real estate market, is attached to a real estate agent

7. Keep your house in great showing condition at all times. Make the home available for showings as much as possible.

8. Stay in close contact with your agent.

9. Make any pricing adjustments necessary quickly. Time is rarely your friend.

10. Let your agent do their job.

If you follow this formula you will most likely get an offer or multiple offers on your property. If you don’t follow this formula you may end up on the market for much longer than you anticipated. You will probably also sell (or not) for a price that is well beneath your current expectations.

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