How Do You Price a Home?

How do Realtors price their listings?  Are they trying to get a fast sale?  Do they have a secret database that tells them the price?  Do any of them have a clue where to price a home?

I got together with three amazing Realtor friends, from different parts of the country, to talk about price.  Each of us is experienced, expert in our market, and we share a common passion for educating our customers on making the best decisions.

The Panel

  • Jennifer Kjellgren, Intown Expert, Atlanta GA
  • Leslie Ebersole, Baird & Warner, Chicago Il
  • Greg Fischer, Fischer Real Estate Services, Fort Worth TX
  • Kendyl Young, DIGGS, Glendale CA

Each of us had different insight and wisdom on how we help our clients select their list price.  Each of us has a slightly different process on how we gather information, process, and then present the data.  Each of us deals with slightly different market dynamics.

However, many of the principles remained the same across the panel.

  • Pricing is an art, not a science
  • Local expertise is CRUCIAL
  • Pricing it to sell (fast or not fast?) gets top dollar
  • Price is very fluid and you must be intimately in touch with the market to react appropriately

This is our first stab at a “public” discussion.  I think there are some amazing nuggets, here.  I hope you enjoy.  I hope our conversation helps.

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