How To Price a Glendale Home

Price Your HomeAt the end of the day, you just want to make sure you’ve sold the home for the most money possible, right?  Right?

I totally get it.  But, what if I told you the best way to get absolute top dollar was to price it at Fair Market Value or even **gasp**, below Fair Market Value- would you call me crazy?

Crazy is as crazy does, I guess- but many of my sellers are laughing crazy all the way to the bank.

The Glendale home sellers who price their home closer to market value net 8.49% more on a dollar per sqft. basis for Single Family Homes and 6.15% more on a dollar per sqft. basis for condos than those sellers who sell having to reduce the price of their listing one or more times.

In addition, the homes that sell without having to reduce the price sell 3 to 4 times faster than the homes that require one or more price reductions. This is a very compelling analysis for pricing your Glendale home at the Fair Market Price vs. Conventional Price (start high to leave room for negotiation and price reductions)

You can be right or you can be sold.  Which one do you choose?


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