How to Short Sale – A Step By Step Webinar

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I believe short sales will represent a large part of our sales in Glendale, La Crescenta and La Cañada for 2012.  I also believe- strongly, that there is a ton of myth and misinformation out there.

This recorded webinar is for those of you who want good, solid, information without a lot of hassle.

Fair warning, this is a lot longer than my usual 3 minutes.   This is a full webinar designed to give real knowledge that you can use immediately.  In the 17 fast paced minuites you will learn:

  1. How many people are in “Hot Water”?
  2. How bad does a short sale damage my credit?
  3. What are the myths about short sales and what is the truth?
  4. What are the first things I need to do?
  5. How do I find people to help me?
  6. How long will it take?

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  1. Robin Banks says:

    Just want to say that you ROCK!
    I think that the information that you are providing is so positive!

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