Sellers- Get a Home Inspection

The home inspection is a familiar part of the home buying process.

The buyer hires pre purchase inspections liverpool during the first few days of the escrow to give the home a complete physical assessment.  The results of this assessment will help the buyer to determine if the house is in the condition they expected.

If a buyer finds an unexpected negative condition the buyer can ask for a fix, a credit or they can walk away from the deal.  And, at this point, a seller is at a disadvantage; going back on the market might bring a lower net then just giving a credit to the current buyer.

What would happen if the SELLER ordered a home inspection before going on the market?

A buyer would still have the right to hire their own inspector and that inspector might find a few additional items.  However, these items should be minor and unlikely to threaten a deal.
As I write this I realize this should be my new standard.  A homeowner has much to gain by inspecting their home as a part of getting ready for market.

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