The Value of Home Staging

Tonight I was working on updating my listing presentation.  You know- you call me over to talk to me about listing your home for sale and I show you what I do to earn my fees.

Anyway, when a home seller is really interested in selling their home for top, TOP dollar I will suggest hiring a professional stager.  Now, this is very different from a Realtor who makes a few suggestions on color and fix its and maybe even drags in a few accessories from their garage.

I am talking about a trained designer- someone who knows how to make the maximum impact with a minimum cost.  There is no bigger bang for your buck, in my opinion.

As I was culling through the hundreds of photos from the homes I have sold I was struck by how much of a difference staging makes!  In nearly every case I sold the home for thousands and thousands more than I could have with out the staging.

Here is a slideshow I prepared of my staging “Before” and “After” shots.


I believe right now is the very best time to consider professional staging. The buyers are hungry to buy a home, but scared of over paying. A well staged home will provide just the edge they need to make a buy decision at a price that will make you sing!

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