Who Should List Your Glendale Home?

Surprise!  I am not going to say, categorically, “Me” (although I want you to consider me, I really do!).  Truthfully, I am not the right agent for everybody.  I don’t think ANY agent is right for everybody.

So here you are, a seller who needs (or wants) to sell a home.  How do you choose?

Lately, I’ve been hearing some myths about how one should choose an agent and I want to share my opinion on the matter.

The agent with the biggest and most ads/signs is the most successful

If  success means,  “sell your home”, you would be wrong.  I know of an agent who sells less than 50% of the listings they take.  Now, why would an agent consistently take a listing they can’t sell?  Perhaps, for them,  it is more important to have the most signs and the biggest image than to accomplish the goals of the client.  And, if that is the priority, how can you know if that agent is giving you advice that will help you achieve your goal?

I need an agent who shares ethnicity with the potential buyer

Yikes.  Icky racist overtones aside,  what does that really do for you?  If a buyer (of any ethnicity or creed) wants to buy a home, do you think that buyer is only seeing homes listed by a like kind person?  No- they are looking for the best possible home, regardless of who lists it.   Choose an agent on all kinds of grounds- but this one is ridiculous.

I want the lowest possible commission

There is a difference between low price and value.  Hopefully, what you really want is the best value for your money.  So, the real question is, “Do you think an agent’s ability to negotiate affects your total bottom line?”.  If you don’t (Hey, I make no judgments), then you can certainly find low priced agents.   If, however, you believe a skilled agent can put more money in your pocket, at the end of the day, then there is quite a bit more you need to consider than commission.

So, how do you choose an agent?  In the end it is a pretty personal decision.   Try referrals from trusted friends,get a proven track record for the things you think are important, talk, casually, to that agent at an open house, maybe talk to the neighbors about what they know.  Think, in advance, about what is important- time, money, convenience and image are some factors.  Are you business minded?  Choose an agent who understands the business and can articulate how they can leverage the market place to your advantage.  Do you want to feel “comfortable” with your agent?  Find someone who is most like you.

If you are clear on what you want in the beginning you are more likely to wind up with an agent who will do a good job… in exactly the way you define “good”.

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