The Coolest Thing on the Web. Ever.

In January I was fortunate to attend the Inman Connect conference in New York. This amazing event brought together the most cutting edge minds in real estate technology.

The “Killer App” (that’s geek talk for the best “thing”), was a company called Qwiki. If Cliff Notes, the Encyclopedia Brittanica and Hal from the movie “2001” got together they would produce a Qwiki.

The idea is there is too much information bits on the web to easily obtain useful knowledge. Qwiki takes your information query and creates an interactive video experience by pulling together all of these bits, illustrating them and creating a narrative to go with it. The amazing thing is this is done in real time with “to the minute” information and without any human intervention.

Still unclear?  It’s ok. I produced this Qwiki so you could get the idea.  (it took me 6 seconds to do this people. It is truly amazing)


How will buyers and sellers of tomorrow use this tool? Relocation candidates can research the area they are considering. Home sellers could produce a Qwiki based on their neighborhood, architectural style or architect. Home buyers might query sales trends or local schools in their target area.

Qwiki takes the vast amount of information on the web, digests and then presents in this easy to understand format. What do YOU want to know about?

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