It is Good To Give!!!

Dad's Club

Kendyl with the VW Dad’s Club Board of Directors

We are incredibly excited to make our first donation as part of our DIGGS Gives program.

An integral part of our business plan is to showcase a local artist in our Montrose office. This allows us to host a reception for the artist and invite the community in for a little conviviality. All DIGGS proceeds from the art sales are donated to local non profit organizations!

Our very first artist was Steve O’Bryan, Street Photographer, Verdugo Woodlands Resident and an all around awesome dude.  He asked that DIGGS donate profits from his show to the Verdugo Woodlands Dad’s Club- an amazing resource for kids and families in the neighborhood.

We always do what Steve O’Bryan asks.  He is that awesome.  Congratulations, VW Dad’s Club!!!  DIGGS loves you guys!!!


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